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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World's Worst Blogger!

Hi, it's me, Bobbi Lynn.  I really have high, high hopes of  being a good blogger!  But, in reality, I never seem to be able to keep it up.  I love the idea of being able to chronicle my life and what's going on with my family, but I don't know why I can't bring myself to do it.  I've never really been a journal keeper, so I don't really have the drive to write down what's on my mind.  The closest I've kept to keeping a journal is the outfit organizer I had during a job.  I didn't want to wear the same thing twice throughout a summer so I wrote down what I wore!  That's the kind of journal I can keep up with apparently.  :)

In other news, I am no longer a Californian!  We moved to Washington.  Yes, the state.  No, not D.C., if I had meant D.C. I would have written it.  Harsh, perhaps.  I blame moving stress.  So far, it's been nice!  The scenery can't be beat and they have the same old stuff you find anywhere else.  Suburbia is the same everywhere you go, right?  Glen got a promotion to move up here with MSFT, so we left my beautiful, warm, palm-tree filled state.  I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.  One thing I do miss are my neighbors and friends.  You can't always find people like that; I'm not sure we'll find anyone as cool.  We will try though!

Annika has started at preschool!  It's called Evergreen Academy, and she's really loving it so far!  I've been pleased with the teachers and the school itself, so hopefully it will be a good fit.  I worry about her fitting in.  I know she can push her love on people - sometimes when they don't want it!  She loves to hug and kiss everyone, even people she doesn't know.  I guess that's a bit off-putting to some.  Weirdos.  Who doesn't love to be hugged and kissed?  I also worry about her birthday!  We are moving into our new house next week, and then her birthday is rapidly approaching.  Will she have kids at her party?!  These are the things I lose sleep over at night people.  I just want my baby to have friends!

Well, I've shared enough for at least 2 years.  I'll be back in 2011.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Park Pictures

I've decided that I'm not much of a blogger, but I do love to post pictures! So, here are some recent ones we had taken at a local park. Here's one of Annika by herself and one of us together. Do you think she looks like me?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's a...


After a long, hard, and AWFUL delivery, Annika Lynn was born on March 28, 2006 at 11:09PM. It was a magical moment once she was born; Glen and I were shedding rivers of tears from our joy.

Below is Annika's birth announcement picture. She's 1 week old in that picture. You can probably see she's a little bit yellow because of the jaundice she acquired from our blood type incompatibility. :( But she's still super cute!

She started to smile at about 1 month, here's a picture of one of her very first gummy grins!

Just recently we had our photos taken at one of our Las Madres playgroups! This is my favorite picture of the bunch!

Hopefully you've had fun on our photo journey. Hopefully my posts won' t be as few and far between!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whoops! Has a year gone by already?

Well. Hi. I'm moderately embarrassed that I've let more than a year go by without so much as a hello to all of you! So many things have happened since we've last talked. Glen and I took a trip to San Diego in June of last year, yada yada yada, now we have a baby! Hee! Instead of boring everyone with words, let's jump to the good stuff - pictures! This first picture is me and Glen in San Diego unaware that I have a zygote in my tummy!

Then, a few months later, out pops my stomach! I started showing really early!

Here's a picture of us celebrating my birthday at Benihana! Love the 'Hana...

Here's our Christmas card, this was taken before the Microsoft Holiday party. I'm about 6ish months here.

Here's me about to pop at 9 months!

Here we are the night before the baby was born. I'm going in to the hospital to get some P-gel applied before the induction the next day.

That's the cliffhanger picture! Will you ever see the baby? Is the baby a girl or a boy? Will it be another year before I post something again? Stay tuned to find out...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter

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I only read the first chapter minutes shy of midnight on the 16th, just to say I read it on the day it came out. I couldn't really start reading it that day because we had so many plans already. I know, shame on me, I should have planned around Harry Potter! But, on Sunday I completely ignored Glen and CoCo so I could read it without interruption. I have to say it was great and captivating, just like it's predecessors, but the ending had no real resolution for me. Frankly, it just left me mad! It was like the end of the Fellowship of the Ring! At least then I had The Two Towers right there next to me so I could read it directly afterwards. But not this one - JK Rowling hasn't even started book 7 yet! I'm sure that'll be years in the making. I hope I can make it that long!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Glen's Birthday

Glen turned 33 on Bastille Day! I tried to make his day special by making a cake, getting him lots of presents, and taking him out to dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse.

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A birthday wouldn't be complete without a kiss from CoCo!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


My kitten (OK, OK, she's 4 years old, but all cats are kittens to me!) had an accident this week. Valla, my kitten, who is an outdoor stray (she won't stay inside, believe me we've tried...more on this phenomenon later) that we've adopted since we moved in, jumped up on the table where I feed her this week and had a huge (5" x 5", at least) clump of hair hanging off of her. Her skin was showing underneath of it. Of course, being the greatest person in a crisis, I immediately start sobbing uncontrollably and scoop her into my arms while calling the vet. The vet tells me that they are closing in 5 minutes, and to call the emergency clinic. So, I hang up and call them. They understand me, miraculously since I'm still blubbering like an idiot, and tell me to bring her in right away. I shove her in a carrier and drive off, the whole while muttering soothing things that are supposed to help her, but really they are for my benefit. The doctor takes her in right away and tells us to wait outside. EEEK!! They made me wait outside while my baby was in an emergency clinic?!?! I could barely keep my hands from wringing themselves to bits. After a while they call me back in to say she's fine. He told us it looks like one of the mats in her fur (she'd had a bunch and my regular vet was shaving her in the summer) got caught on something and she pulled away really quickly, essentially waxing the fur off of herself. OUCH! Poor baby. So, the doctor took it upon himself to shave the some of her to get rid of the mats and prevent other mats. He warned us that she might look funny.

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She's shaved like that all the way around; Under her tummy and on the other side. She looks like she has a mohawk. I hope the other kitties aren't making too much fun of her. Otherwise the doctor said she's healthy AND the sweetest kitty he's ever dealt with! Awww! My pussycat! He let us go, after the $115 bill, with a warning to keep her inside for a few days so her new skin doesn't sunburn. So, on the way home we stop and get a disposable litter box and put it in our empty back bedroom. We stick her in there once bedtime rolls around and she seems pretty content. I opened the window for her so she could get some fresh air. Well. Around 4 AM Glen and I hear some rattling, but don't really think much of it. CoCo, the best watchdog, hadn't stirred so we went back to sleep. When morning finally came, Glen took CoCo outside and yelled to me, "Your cat is outside!" I flew into her room and sure enough she was gone. She had shoved the window open more (With her tiny 7 pound body!) and scratched open an escape hole. I had to put sunscreen on her for the rest of the week so she didn't get sunburned. She truly hates being inside, but darnit, she's cute!

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Wedding in Atlantic City

Glen and I went to his cousin's wedding this past weekend. It was a really nice affair held at the Seaview Marriott, with lots of activities the whole weekend. We got a chance to play golf on the same course the LPGA is having a tournament this week! And I got to hit right in front of Aree Song at the driving range! (I did pretty well too.)

Here's a pic of us and Glen's parents at the wedding. (Erica, thanks for the dress!)

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And a picture of the bride and groom just after cutting the cake.

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